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This is about my little odyssey discovering how RATTY the Washingdun DC Metroplitan po-lice are. I shall name each po-licey RAT in a seperate post to "honorably" distinguish DC's finest "fools in blue"!

It all began back in September of 2016 when I was assaulted in back alley here in Washington on my way to the Social Security Administration office. Some "black ops" punk in a white four-door car who had apparently been trailing me for some distance turned into the alley from behind me and resumed following me. When I moved to the side into one of the residential parking lots as he approached me, he got out of the vehicle and began inanely accusing me of trespassing on his property! At the same time the female he was with got out holding an I-pod in her hand, as if she was going to record something. Well, he got in front of me but fortunately before he did I had time to write down his license plate number. He hit me in the jaw and when I saw I was being set up for a conflict, I did the only other thing I could (luckily) do and that was make a quick detour to the side and go through a building then being renovated. He followed me yelling and striking at me but as I intended the construction crew was present and witnessed the incident. The foreman called the cops and when I got to the other side of the building the punk left. AS SOON as I got out and crossed the street one of DC's "blue-boys" pulled up at curbside. NEVER had I seen the cops arrive anywhere THAT fast. It was ALMOST AS IF he had been waiting!

Well, "officer" ROBERT STEWART got out and asked me what happened. I told him and motioned over to the location where he would also find witnesses. He asked me if I needed an ambulance and I told him I better go to the hospital for a quick check even though it was only a painful but simple punch because I had just experienced an inexplicable attack of vertigo the previous day and I didn't want to chance the assault causing another without supervision. Stewart followed the ambulance to the hospital and while we were waiting in the emergency room he asked for details of the attack. I described the assailant, the vehicle, and gave him the license plat number I had written down; ALL of which it APPEARED he wrote down in his little notebook.

HOWEVER, when I went the following day to get a copy of the police report fully intent on pressing charges, I found that "officer" Stewart had GROSSLY distorted it! NOT ONLY had he OMITTED ALL mention of the assault, simply stating that I had claimed someone was following me, but he also OMITTED the plate number AND made an absurd addition that I had claimed to him I was "schizoid-bipolar" and THAT was the reason I needed to go to the hospital!! And of course, the hospital record of admittance CONTRADICTED his claim with the REAL reason I was admitted---- assault to the jaw. Which means

he ought to be STRIPPED of his badge and uniform because "officer" ROBERT STEWART........................

you are po-LICE RAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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