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The Social "Security" Administration is just full of them folks! To continue the ongoing saga of my STOLEN and FORGERY-CASHED monthly disability check from October, the next RAT I have to mention is SSA agent MARIA GREY at the SAME SSA office as was McCoy----- 2100 M Street NW here in DC. The place is just CRAWLING with RATS!

After I have found out at the beginning of the year that the first RAT (and believe me folks, EVERY year here in DC is the "Year of the RAT"),McCoy, no longer worked at THAT location anymore so thankfully SHE would NOT be the one who always kept calling me up to the counter, I met with agent Maria Grey. She did a gReAT act of being helpful, even going so far as to tell me after checking in her computer that the reason I had STILL not received the Treasury Department fiscal claim form was because RAT McCOY had NOT entered in but NOT submitted the report of check theft and forgery (FRAUD) as she claimed she had done while typing away with her ratty little fingers (claws). 

So Ms. Grey started typing away, claiming all the while she was submitting the e8551 FRAUD entry to headquarters for processing. After doing that, she even kindly gave me her office phone number extension and email address to keep in contact with her. BUT, as everybody knows, or should, when the CAT'S away the RATS COME OUT TO PLAY! As I waited throughout the course of January and February I phoned and emailed her to let her know I had not yet gotten the packet, AND that I was being told by a lawyer examining the case for me, the NEXT RAT I will mention, that I was STILL DUE a check for another missing month! Not only did Grey NOT respond to my emails to her, but her extension number turned out to be another staff member's!!

Finally when I went back to see her in late February, I told her about the missing month and that I still hadn't received the Treasury claim forms. She told me I just had to wait for those and as for the "missing month" of a non-stolen check she LIED claiming that I had been PAID that as part of a lump-sum back payment I had received in JULY-----

Now people it's just simple logic to know that I could NOT possibly have received a back payment for SEPTEMBER TWO MONTHS BEFORE in JULY!!! IT'S just NOT rationally, physically, sequentially possible!!! So I asked to see the transcanned printouts of the SS checks I HAD received so far from January 2016 to January 2017 and she told me that that was "against protocol".... SAME as the other RAT McCoy did! So I then said the magic word...."SUPERVISOR"!  

I next spoke with Maria DaSilva, who started out even MORE understanding than Grey had at first seemed. She printed out ALL the past check-scan history for me and we went through it sequentially. She admitted the record showed I was still due the recoupment for the stolen October check and claimed she didn't know why the notice from either (RAT) McCoy or Grey hadn't gone through to generating one. She also kindly explained to me what I had never noticed in the Treasury checks since being on disability comp for the past nine years---- that every month issuance is payment for the preceding month; so the "insurance" (as it's called)
extra check I had gotten in January was the payment of SEPTEMBER that I had missed FOR the month of AUGUST ----- when the SSA was claiming it could not pay funds because I was (ERRONEOUSLY) "incarcerated due to conviction of a crime"! CONVICTED YES (of a non-violent misdemeanor); incarcerated NO!! I was sentenced to probation. So she stated she would fax the appeal for receipt of the October check's payment for the month of September to headquarters for a determination. I mention the rest of the story in the next post but....

MARIA GREY  you LIED! And for THAT......



Posts: 532
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I think you are not understanding what the word rat means in this websites context.
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