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As a US Government target for non consensual cover research and human experimentation I have done extensive research into areas that your average
Joe would never find the need to.

And much of the information that I have learned of is to say the least, extremely
disturbing for the American people.

While some of you may have heard of Charles August Schlund, I have no doubt that most  of you have not.

Back in the 1970's Charles came into the possession of some stolen papers (an entire pickup truck load to be exact).

What happened next would change the course of his life for the next thirty years.

These documents,  which he came across (that he dubbed the Don Bolles Papers, named after the late journalist who was died from life threatening injuries suffered when his car was blown up in the 1970's) would reveal some of the most disturbing news about certain Illuminists in the United States, including George W. Bush, his father HW, the Rockefellers and the CIA, as well as a plot to overthrow the United States Government and the American people.

I have witnessed enough government corruption being perpetrated against my person to realize that many of the accusations in Charles' lawsuit against the Bush's are true.

Furthermore, I do not for a second doubt his claim that he, as well as his attorney and members of his family, were indeed drugged and implanted with RFID chips which have been used to remotely torture them. This has been done in efforts to prevent Charles from ever testifying against Bush. And the technology that he mentions does exist.  The CIA (the agency which does most of the Bush and Rockefeller's dirty work for them) has been involved in harassing Charles ever since he first came forward with the information contained within the Don Bolles Papers (most if not all of which you can learn about by reading his lawsuit -- which I have listed below).

As you read through this suit you will begin to realize the depth of this corruption, and why nothing in this country ever improves.

The status quo is to be maintained at all costs so that Illuminsts such as the Bush and Rockefellers can continue to become even more powerful than they are in the present day, while the average American family gets crushed under the enormous debt load that these criminals create as a result of their looting of the American economy.

Due to the Illuminati's control of the US Media and the hierachy within US Society you will never meet people who are more despised than those who are trying to expose it at the highest levels.

And there are many of us doing so in the present day, under the ever present threat of being murdered for it.

However, the more people who know about this information, the more difficult it becomes for these Illuminists to remain harbored behind the scenes, which is why their information must be promulgated globally.

The following is Charles Schlund's lawsuit.  This informaton cost him his marriage, a very lucrative business,  and his health.  He continues in the present day being tortured by way of RFID technology as punishment for learning about  the content of the Don Bolles Papers, as well as filing a lawsuit against George W. Bush.

I know of only three lawsuits that have been filed against Bush himself:

The one by Charles Schlund

A suit by attorney Stanley Hilton

And a suit by the late Margie Schoedinger

Every one of these people was seriously attacked by the Bush crime family when they attempted to expose the Bush's for the outright criminals that they are.  

Schoedinger was found with a fatal gunshot wound to her head, just 9 months after filing a lawsuit against Bush and several FBI agents whom she claimed drugged and gangraped her.

So much for the FBI's war on sexual predators -- since they have quite a few of their own employed within the Bureau.

It is clear that the Bush family is well connected in myriad types of organized crime on an international level. Schlund has opined that they report directly to the Rockefellers, whom the Illuminists have given control of the US to since the early part of the 20th Century.

Make of this lawsuit what you will.   I have little doubt that you will find it compelling.


Gang Stalking is sanctioned by the FBI and many policing agencies, who maintain a hands off approach to this hate crime. It is indicative of the fascist shadow government that now controls this country.
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