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how do find out who rated on you?

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In my very humble opinion, unfortunately, that is the hardest question of all. 


How do you find out who rated on you?


There would not be any Rats and Snitches around if it was so easy to track them down.


The World Population can be divided into many demographics, this is one of them divisions:


1) "Rats/Snitches/Bad Cops"


2) "The Rest of Us"


You need to keep in mind that rats and snitches (and their Identities) are being protected by bad cops and bad law enforcement officers.  So even if you get their license plates or a physical description and if the snitch has been harassing you or for example if he/she broke into your place to gather evidence.  If you go a report it, the police will not help you and your complaint will be received with a very high degree of apathy and hostility.  This is done so you would not pursuit the case.


i.e. Rats and Snitches believed that I was involved in some illegal activities, after so much time (7 to 8 years), effort and wasted resources and money they realized that I was not.  Poor Bastard (me) they said, now they have to justify not only the expense and the effort but they have to prove themselves right.  The only small detail that they have faced, is failing to prove that I was involved in some illegal activity that never happened, so if never happened, they won't be able to prove it, (I would be willing to take a polygraph test).  So in order to get me "one way or the other" (as they said) they resorted to harassment, hoping I would retaliate with violence, they failed (I have never been violent).  They resorted to cutting me off while driving in the road over and over so I would get a ticket for "road rage" and/or get into an accident, they failed.  They cut the gas lines of my car and viciosly vandalized it hoping I would retaliate and/or do the same to them.  They failed again.  How can anyone have the guts to attack you and be so fearless about any consequences at all?  The only logical explanation is that, and as I always knew, the police was patiently waiting in the background so I would make a mistake.  I didn't, so here I am!


I went to the police headquarters a number of times to report those incidents and every single time as the officers were talking to me, they always had their hands in their guns.  And treated me like shit, yeah they successfully got rid of me, because as I was attempting to make a complaint against the snitches and people they protect.  They were treating me not just as a suspect but as if I was already a guilty convicted felon (I will be 42 YO tomorrow and I have never been arrested nor detained nor question by any law enforcement agent or agency).  As I was walking away I could feel they eyes in my back and their feeling of triumph because, once again...they were able to protect their colluded informant buddies.


Now with  http://www.whosarat.com "the snitch" system might change at least a little, I am sure that is one of the reasons that the owners decided to create this place.  Too many innocent people has been wrongfully and falsely convicted and mainly ONLY because them Rats and Snitches (and NOT the courts) felt like it and decided in the streets that whomever they didn't like should go to prison and not because they were guilty of anything, check out the Innocence Projects Homepage http://www.truthinjustice.org/ipcontacts.htm

161 wrongfully convicted people have been exonerated via http://www.innocenceproject.org and these are straight actual convictions for cases that were tried in the court of law.  Now can you imagine the number of wrongfully convicted people that were sent to prison and only because the self righteous Snitches felt like they should be convicted?  


I am not sure why the owners and administrators started this site (But Bad Cops might push them snitches and rats deeper underground).  But I can assure you, I got the feeling they did it precisely because they felt is WRONG that the Snitches and Rats are the ones doing the "Street Justice For All".  Of course the really bad news about that "street justice for all" is that is not so much "for all", the ONLY people with immunity for their illegal actions are...you guessed right...Rats, Snitches and Informants!


That explains very clearly why they are Rats and Snitches in the first place!  It would be so easy for me or for anyone else to become a Rat or Snitch and have an undivided guaranteed immunity and protection for life with unlimited goverment resources.  At the cost of what?  By sending innocent people to prison?  The moment that we as a individuals start judging people in the streets and not in the courts, we would be just like them. We 2) "The Rest Of Us", the rest of the population- are nothing like them selfrighteous rats and snitches.  Even if I was offered "immunity or protection" I would never become a Fuc**ng !#$%^&  RAT!!.  How could I ever sleep at night or live with myself knowing that I helped to send an innocent* man to prison? How can they? OMG … How can they?


We are NOTHING Like Them!


*Recall, there is proper procedure and improper procedure.  There is protocol and lack of protocol.  Yes, maybe an individual was responsible for whatever the snitches were accusing them.  That does not equal a "guilty" verdict.  If evidence is illegally obtained, or if evidence was tampered with, or testimonies were coerced then the case should be dismissed.

Don't let those Bastards Get to you Man...
They are not better than those criminals they protect.
Would you make an alliance with the Devil and expect it to well behave?
Would you ask Community Watch Informants A.K.A. "GangStalkers" to come and help you and well behave?
We just can't trust them.
Bad Cops Did.
http://www.whosarat.com is here
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
It is not like I am using this medium to express myself in anonymity. Every single Organized Informant "GangStalker" and colluded Bad Cop knows my identity. I am the one who wants to end this. I WANT TO TURN MYSELF IN! Please tell me what precinct you want me to go and I will show up. NO JUDGE will accept a guilty plea once they learn that every piece of this case -my case- is tainted and biased because of personal HATE against me. So when and where is gonna be? Please tell me!
I want Due Process,
I want a Fair Trial,
I want the Best Defense,
Isn't that the way is supposed to be?
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