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Informants and Agents?Who's a Rat Message Board


This is a great site, it continues.


I need ANY information on an informant by the name of Tyran Everette Hicks or Hick, also goes by the street name "Ghetto". This snitch is from Brooklyn NY, and now resides in North Carolina. He has been working with Federal agencies since 1991-1992. An ex-pimp and car theif turned informant. Information is vital to a case in which this snitches testimony led to a federall conviction. This snitch was born 5/12/1957.


If there are any P.I.'s or other similarly coneccted individuals capable of accessing the needed information, monetatry compensation can and wll be negotiated for said services.


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When I was framed with fake evidence by RI State Police in 1999, Providence attorney Edward C. Roy, Jr. inserted himself as my defense counsel to make me the patsy (I was not allowed to fire him). Roy turned out to be a RI State Police snitch recruiter and FBI informant. Roy handed over unwitting clients like me in exchange for future rewards. Corrupt federal judges promised Roy a judgeship for his cooperation.
In 2000, Roy illegally leaked my confidential files to his FBI handlers, and later testified falsely against me in collusion with mob-connected U.S. Attorney Chris Christie. With Christie's encouragement, Roy lied in court 20 times. His crimes were covered up by the RI Supreme Court's Chief Disciplinary Counsel, who is another rat in the system's sewage pipeline.
The joke judges of RI and NJ operate a weird, shadowy club that manages a snitch network of spies, liars, hoaxsters and imposters, and targets political dissidents and malcontents who've been flim-flammed in court and complained. The club is run by Chief U.S. Probation Officer Barry J. Weiner of RI, Judges Michael Boudin, ArithonyJ. Scirica, Ronald R. Lagueux and Paul S. Diamond, and the Moby Dick governor of NJ, Chris Christie (the great white whale).
For spreading these harsh realities, for talking to newspaper reporters, for digging out the truth under FOIA, and for refusing to plead guilty to groundless charges motivated by political differences, I've been threatened with physical harm by agents of the above dishonest men, and specifically by CUSPO Weiner. The Bureau of Prisons is tormenting and harassing me at their insistence, and Judge Diamond is fraudulently altering my court files to protect Christie from sanctions for unethical conduct. I am USMS/BOP inmate I.D. No. 02989-070, falsely imprisoned at a gulag in Fairton, NJ.
I was framed by fake evidence manufactured by state police in 1999 and forced to be misrepresented by RI attorney Edward C. Roy, Jr. Roy threw away my rights and set me up expertly for a 14-year false imprisonment. He leaked my confidential communications to law enforcement and was discovered to be a RI State Police agent who recruited snitches and an FBI informant. Ed Roy testified against me, committed perjury 20 times, and was later overhead bragging that he'd been promised a judgeship.
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