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Informants and Agents?Who's a Rat Message Board


This is a great site, it continues.


I need ANY information on an informant by the name of Tyran Everette Hicks or Hick, also goes by the street name "Ghetto". This snitch is from Brooklyn NY, and now resides in North Carolina. He has been working with Federal agencies since 1991-1992. An ex-pimp and car theif turned informant. Information is vital to a case in which this snitches testimony led to a federall conviction. This snitch was born 5/12/1957.


If there are any P.I.'s or other similarly coneccted individuals capable of accessing the needed information, monetatry compensation can and wll be negotiated for said services.


Reply to this msg. or at:    good_day_comin@yahoo.com

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On Michelle k.green. She was arrested on human trafficking n prostitution in Tampa/Hillsborough County Florida. My brother got popped while FUCKIN with her n she disappeared!
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