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Informants and Agents?Who's a Rat Message Board

Anthony was set-up by the Feds & a white supremacist 33 degree mason U.S. Marshals right after he spoke to Internal Affairs about they confidential informant.

Confidential Informant guidelines [CI].



Before you say, "what's wrong with snitching?"

Men claiming to be doing Jesus Christ work.
They would be the corrupt taking Jesus to the High Priest for judgment.

The DEA go through training for 16 weeks where they are educated in report writing, law, drug recognition, leadership and ethics. New DEA Agents are also trained in marksmanship, weapons safety, tactical shooting and deadly force decision making. A DEA Agent Salary for a new DEA Agents is at the GS-7 [$35,369 to $44,729] or GS-9 [$39,448 to $50,905] level depending on experience and education. Within three years it is very possible to reach the GS-12 pay level. This corrupt agent is cutting corners to reach GS-12 pay level so he can wash that dope money.

Do you think ex-military narcotics officers, drug task force, CIA, FBI, DEA special agents spend years studying in college, to successfully finish all phases of the rigorous, in-depth hiring process all so that high school drop out, drug user, paid informant make hundreds of thousands dollars, some cases even millions of dollars on the street without them getting their cut? Invested and washed very well.

They have abused the system we're all supposed to be so proud of, and have managed to use the system to protect themselves, while making millions of dollars invested and washed. These men are not patriots, their working with paid drug informants, who hide behind the constitution and the Justice Dept. .

Before you say, "what's wrong with snitching?"

These federal informant set-up drug deals with friends while investigators watch drug informants frame friends and innocent people and get them sent to prison. Drug informants will give you coke what ever you can move, so you can make sales to their undercover federal officers. Trying to get them to be mules smuggling in high-quality heroin & coke 9 times out of 10 it's a high school student or undergrad in college the nice sweet innocent looking girls so security want give them a problems at the airport asians, indians and white girls.

This is out of control.

Do a group of narcotics officers & the DEA, have a gang of paid drug informants, "snitches," that rob dealers and sell drugs back on the street? and they tell the Justice Dept. "corruption is just a tactic for catching the bad guy."

Before you say, "what's wrong with snitching?"

Cops, Feds, ATF and the FBI hate other cops and government agents that snitch in their fraternal brotherhood, but The use of criminal informants in the U.S. justice system has become a flourishing .

Don't scem through this.

Snitch 1# 35 years old can pass for 22-29

In 2000 Keith Bomber aka "Darail" aka "Chilly" "B" and his cousin Shanton Cassell aka "Shan" was SPEEDING "Not Allegedly Speeding," But, 'Speeding' down a highway with over 300 pounds of Marijuana "stupid," between Cleveland, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio.

They were suppose to serve 5 years in prison back in 2001.

They may have served 2 years.

Shan may have got sadamized.

They are really working as "PAID DRUG INFORMANTS," working with other paid drug informants men & women that will vouch them.

The Justice Dept. should make all drug informants take a polygraph test.

Keith Bomber aka Chilly "B" is from Cleveland, Hts. a suburb in Cleveland, Ohio Keith is a high school drop out back in the 90's. Keith paid someone to take his GED.

Keith like to hang in Texas.

Keith got paid from a bike accident.

Keith changed his name to Darail after moving to Columbus, Ohio in the 90's because he know bro's from Cleveland, Ohio ant scared of the name Keith Bomber.

Snitch number 2# Shan 36 years old can pass for 21-29

Shanton is the kind of snitch that will try to make other people responsible every time he fuck-up.

Shan also lived in Cleve. Hts & East. Cleve. also a high school drop out in gthe 90's, and a crack & weed smoker. Shan a suppose to be a "GD" "Gangsta Disciple," more like [HomoThug.]

Shan suffers from delusional disorders involving erotomanic delusions, or delusions that are secondary to a preexisting psychotic disorder such as schizophrenia the persistent jealousy of the paranoid personality.

In contrast, resentful stalkers demonstrate an almost “pure culture of persecution,” with delusional disorders of the paranoid type, paranoid personalities, and paranoid schizophrenia

Shan got dough from insurance a gay cousin who died of cancer back in the 90's left him he use to stay with after his father kicked him out the house back when he use to get beat up and chased over Anthony Smith house Anthony was respected & liked in E. Cleveland & other communities.

Shan got his ass whipped going to school by Mike Nice from fade entertainment. Shan stole Mikes father jacket out his car and tried to wear it to school the next day.
Mike Nice whipped his ass on the school bus.
Shan had to be rushed to the hospital.

Shan use to start shit! and then run to other folks for help. The same man Shan & his party try to get asian, white & black undergrads to complain to security about this man sleeping on campus Shan use to get chased over his house for help. Do them undergrad know Shan use to have sex with crack heads in the 80's?

Shan was nowhere near college girls.
Shan was smoking crack and weed fucking up money.
Shan try to make other people responsible every time he fuck-up.

Shan! father a weed head that work for Boyd & Son Funeral
in East Cleveland. Shan real mother is a crack head his father wouldn't even sign Smith on Shan [BCF] so he used his mother name Cassell even though he lived with his father.

They talk big, like they gone handle beef. They don't do nothing but stay in the car and keep on driving.

Their guns are virgins, they shoot in the air.

Shan like to build a rep. as the one around campus as the one with weed, pill, meth, wet.

Shan like smoking crack and weed.

Shan like they don't know when ya"ll was in LA Shan snitched on Bountyhunter Bloods and other Bloods and Crips in 2005 in L.A.

The Feds will have the local police arrest people their snitches don't like.

[No Matter How Innocent that Person Maybe] the Feds will have the local police pick them up on a false warrants.

The FEDs work their "White" brother & sisterhood "Master of the Royal Secret," to spread lies, using asians, indians & black women, students who can careless as long the informants are spending dough. After that, your under their all seeing eye, even if you don't give a Dam!

Spelman, Clark, Morehouse, UCLA & USC back in 04 & 05, University of Pittsburgh, University of Texas back in 06, Penn State, Cornell University,

Ohio State, Florida State, Howard, Penn, Harvard, Temple University, LSU, University Tenn, UNC, University of Cincinnati, and other schools and alot of black colleges.

I shouldn't name colleges, because drug informants meet women at the clubs like every other man.

Snitch number 3# Juan is 37 can pass for 21-29

This is a different kind of snitch, Juan like to do fun stuff with the bruhs or ladies Juan will take you camping, paintball. Just to have you eating out of his hands.

Juan aka "Magic Juan" wannabe rapper from Warrensville, Hts. a suburb in Cleveland, Ohio. It took Juan 6 years to grad. from high school.

Juan also dressed in drag in high school.

Juan caught a case back in the 90's.

Juan would have only spent a couple of months in the county jail, but became a drug informant the Malons & others shortly after went to the Pen.

Juan was a Bally's Total Fitness G.M. out in the suburbs.

Since Juan was a salesmen he think he can run his mouth with the ladies [OES & college girls].

Juan like to talk about the bible and good health but, smoke weed, sniff coke, pop pills and drink like a fish.

Juan is a funny guy who really is a people's person.

Juan like to turn the other cheek.

Juan let somebody spit! on him, he never moved, "more like scared to get out the car."

Juan like to act conservative to get out of beefs.

Juan deal with problems by getting other people mad at that person.

Juan can act very funny, loosen you up to spread his rumors and hope it don't get back to that person.

Juan back in the 90's kissed somebody butt, to be raised in a International Masons lodge.[It was a small lodge] even though there are King Solomon #5

Juan took memory pills to remember the ritual and the bible to impress other members, a ritual book that suppose to be secret, that you can find at some muslim book stores.

Juan went out and got his old high school friends & Bally's members at the gym to join that lodge, they all moved up to 32 degree. Than Juan kissed someone butt!! to join the Prince Hall Masons. Juan has a skinner nose now from plastic surgery.

Juan you copy off other folks, stepping, hustling, joining organizations, clothes, black history, ritual and than claim as if you was the one who did it first & have your high school bisexual friends vouch for you.

Let me tell you Juan problem, without a organization to hide behind and without folks letting him kiss their ass he's has nothing and that person may whip the living shit! out of him.

They will be at church, hang at the strip clubs or play video games, smoke on a free half pound, in the hood & college dorms, gamble to meet people and try and set-up people.

They rent cars you see in videos put out of town plates on them, or they use limos.

Most, Prince Hall, The Order of the Eastern Stars, International Masons, Master of the Royal Secret lodges, Officers of the law and are honorable organizations and peolple. Most members go to church most members or Christians or Baptist.

But, these agents or not honorable their white supremist masons who supply paid drug informants and they use black officers.

Their following Anthony Smith they call "Tone" without him knowing it.

Anthony can take a polygraph test with any,any,any rap mag.

But, they want because the Masons or involved.

Anthony was set-up by the Feds & a white supremacist 33 degree mason U.S. Marshals right after he spoke to Internal Affairs.

They messed up Anthony credit, employment record.
Anthony could only be held for few months his out & doing O.K

Do you think the honest government will walk up and give Anthony a check? "Sorry for missing up your life for 7 years."

Anthony is a researcher who like to travel got made flow.

Anthony have not spoken to them in over 4 years and didn't hang with them before are after they were arrested.

Anthony has never been nobody soldier, capo or bitch.

Anthony never was a snitch.

Never worked for the government, or with any [drug informant] snitch.

Anthony does not have nothing to do with Juan, Keith, or Shan.

Anthony was never on the run from nobody or ever owed anybody.

Anthony never used any drug but pot, use to smoke pot, that's it, no other drug.

Anthony is not gay or a bisexual and never have been never had sex with a man.

Anthony does not have STD or HIV.

Anthony has no! kids. Anthony was somebody people could trust.

Anthony is not, and never will be a backstabber, it's not in his character

Thanks, for "Black Balling" Anthony missing up his credit and putting all them warrants on him.

They don't want people speaking to Anthony, expecally the ladies.

Anthony don't beat on woman.

Anthony don't think about them, is not jealous of them or nobody for that matter.

So anyone claiming to put scares on Anthony face or anyone claiming they did something to Anthony put them in the same room with Anthony.

Shan is getting help from his father, Shanton "Toby" Smith a funeral driver.
Tobey have two more kids, Skooter and Shavon Smith from Cleveland hts.
And Shan has a cousin Dione "Goldie" Smith from Warrinsville Hts in Cleveland, Ohio Dione have a uncle that's a cop, but she dated nothing but hustlers growing-up Goldie may have moved to Georgia, were her sista moved mack in 2000.

Delicia Smalls or Smith and a lil brother Larry Smith, and relatives that belong to BGL black greek letters. Their parents are Prince Hall and Eastern Star Masons.

Tobey is married to Kathey Smith a aunt to Keith Bomber, the other snitch.

Tobey also has a sista Tawana Smith, Tawana she have two daughters Shanon and Shanda Smith from Warrensville Hts. in Cleveland, Ohio who may have moved to Georgia.

They also have relatives that live in Chattanooga Tenn. & Myrtle Beach and, don't think we don't know about the coke stuffed up somebody body from a trip to Mexico.

Shan also have a cousin Andrea AKA Orlette Dent or Smith

Andrea had felonies Andrea has a cousin Ronnett "Ronnie" Burks who work for the government also a BGL [Black Greek Letter] 1993 Akron U. grad. Ronnett have Prince Hall & Eastern Star relatives. Ronnie always mention her rich uncle [who i want mention] name when she want some respect [the bitch mention her uncle name more than his own kids]

I wonder what the founders of Alpha Kappa Alpha would think about the spineless coward rumors and the use of puppet members using white women in greek letters to spread gay woman beater rumors petty, pathetic rumors ?? This Alpha Kappa Alpha Ronnette "Ronnie" Burks grew up in the 80's in a all white suburb outside of Akron Ronnette is close to 40 years old trying to spread lies and rumors for over 7 years using younger members in the sorority members are like robots, puppets when told to do something. I could go on and on about this piece of shit! coward! spineless bitch! it could take another 10 pages.

Alpha Kappa Alpha & [OES] chapters can careless they are a corporation.
The Alpha Kappa Alpha & [OES] will always write checks and will always have pledges.
and women to raise. Ronnie don't make us talk about your light skin Intimacy seeker stalker girlfriend, because homeboy!! ant give a shit! about a truck!!!.

If Ronnett brother Ro Burks who worked at every fast food chain in Cleveland, Ohio the one women in Cleveland, Ohio called the biggest liar in the state of Ohio, do not like it "Man-Up"

Shan also has another half sister Precila Cassell.

And, to say were's your source of info, prove it, if given the chance there would be proof, and a lawsuit .

But, you know, as for the law inforcement, people and organizations that are exposed. they have the numbers so, if it walks like a duck, talk like a duck, than it must be a chicken and, they can make everyone believe that.

A million members against Anthony. "Bring it on if they think they can hang!"

Note: Now this piece of shit! White supremacist 33 degree mason & his informant got good white & black folks thinking Anthony Smith need folks sympathy Anthony is racist Anthony ant no racist, he was set-up by a piece of shit! using his position at the Justice Dept who belongs to a white supremacist group & secret society, ant that what you told Anthony that you don't want other folks to know .

Now, they have to explain being corrupt and spreading rumors using organizations.
The how and the who is just scenery for the public. Keeps 'em guessing, prevents 'em from asking the most important question, Who benefited? Who has the power to cover it up? Who?
One may smile and smile and be a villain."
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What in the hell is this?  I am tripping on all of this because I was with this dude for seven years...tell me something

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